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Foreign Rights

Founded in 1872 by the Jesuits, Wydawnictwo WAM is the oldest Catholic publisher in Poland. It has the facilities of a self-contained publishing house as well as a network of its own bookshops and a fully developed distribution system.

WAM is committed to publishing quality literature which is true to the Christian faith. The books that we publish today fall into the following categories: non-fiction (spirituality, personal and Christian life, faith and culture, family and parenting, Christian formation and education, liturgy, worship and sacraments, ministry resources, theology and philosophy), religion textbooks and educational aids, fiction and children's books.

WAM publishes two magazines: a monthly Posłaniec Serca Jezusowego (The Messenger of the Sacred Heart) and a quarterly Życie Duchowe (Spiritual Life). We also have an in-house recording studio, Studio INIGO, which produces audiobooks as well as educational films and programs. The latest enterprise of WAM, a social and news web portal launched in 2009, has grown into the largest religious website in Poland.

Wydawnictwo WAM publishes both Polish authors and translations from foreign languages. We collaborate with many well-known publishers, mainly from Western Europe and America. We also hold translation rights for most of our titles by Polish authors. Our books have been translated into Czech, Slovak, Italian, English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian.


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